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Who Are You?

Who are you beyond education, religion, career, family, relationships, health, mobility, and money?

The truth is you are a human and a spiritual being.

Sometimes it takes an event that brings you to your knees, to realize there is

more to life than your human experiences and identities.

God, Universe, Spirit, (whatever you choose to call this Higher Source) is trying to get your attention.

I believe His intention is to guide you on a spiritual journey within.

He is not punishing you or judging you.

Good Ol’ Divine is just trying to awaken you to your divine purpose.

As a child, you were curious and full of wonder.

You were connected to a Higher Power and believed in infinite possibilities.

But as you grew older, social anxieties and peer pressure took over.

You became overly critical of yourself and unconsciously stepped off your spiritual path.

Over time, you may have even felt lost or forsaken in your trials and tribulations,

but God has always been with you.

He is not trying to derail or destroy you.

By putting obstacles in your path, He is asking you to stop, pause, and breathe.

This is an opportunity to step off the hamster wheel of life and take your power back.

There is no need to live on autopilot and let other people and circumstances define you.

You are a beautiful being who has the power to choose to live by default or design your path forward.

Now is the time to commit to remembering who you are at your very core so you can live your best life and

shine your light to help others find their way.



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