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What the Heck is Spiritual Awakening?

Growing up as a child, you were at the mercy of the adults teaching you about life.

You may have learned lessons in submission and obedience.

You may have been taught to follow directions and never look outside the box for answers.

You may have been told that it was better for you to be seen and not heard.

After being conditioned for so many years, you may feel lost and forsaken.

Being so out of alignment from your truth brings up a lot of questions.

Am I worthy?

What makes me deserving?

Who am I to think I'm special?

Let me assure you that you are a perfect child of God.

You were not created to fit in and be ordinary.

You were born to stand out and be EXTRAordinary.

You are free to think for yourself and get curious as to what else exists

beyond this limited reality you’ve been living.

Have fun asking yourself this question:

Who am I?

What is my divine calling?

The truth is you get to create your future with the thoughts you are thinking.

Give yourself permission to get curious and explore new possibilities.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Have fun stepping outside the box.

Invite your inner child to come out and play with you.

Give him/her a huge hug and share some love and compassion.

Be the Dad/Mom your inner child always wanted in his/her life.

It's time to look beyond the BS you've experienced in your past and get excited about

exploring new opportunities.

This is what spiritual awakening is all about.


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