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Let That Sh#t Go

When you make the conscious decision to release and let go of old habits,

fears, and worries, your ego will step in and try to sabotage you.

Instead of beating yourself up for all of the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that come up,

give yourself permission to lean in and learn the lessons being illuminated.

Autumn is the perfect time to allow what’s no longer serving you to fall away.

Just like the seasons, letting sh#t go is never a one-and-done.

New layers will continue to come up to be acknowledged as you change, grow and evolve.

This is why I have decided to resurrect a life-changing program I created a while ago.

“How to Find Calm in The Chaos” is a 6-week course

that provides you with a roadmap to inner peace.

You will learn how to release and let go of emotional baggage so you can feel

more empowered and enlightened on your journey forward.

Here is a sneak peak of some life skills I’ll be teaching to help you

build a strong foundation for transformation.

Week 1 - Conscious Awareness to Inspire Curiosity

Week 2 - Intentional Breathing to Embrace Ease & Grace

Week 3 - Mindful Thinking to Shift Energy & Attitude

Week 4 - Self-Forgiveness to Create Peace with Your Past

Week 5 - Gratitude to Amplify PositiviDee & Possibilities

Week 6 - Affirmations to Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

If you're ready to invest in yourself and learn how to let shit go,

I invite you to ask for more information or sign up now at:

The next class starts on October 10th.


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