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Boost Your Energy with PositiviDee

When I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost 30 years ago, I was surrounded by negativity. There was no cure and at that time, there didn’t seem to be anyone who had healed from it either. Even though I put on a happy face and pretended I was fine, I couldn’t help but worry about what was going to happen to me. It’s scary when no one knows what causes MS, what symptoms you will encounter, and how to cure it.

Over time, I became aware of diet and exercise, but every time I tried to implement new habits I got discouraged and reverted back to my old ways.

About 10 years ago, I found myself in a very bad place. I felt overwhelmed, underpaid, fed-up, and tired. I was still working full time, and was having issues with mobility, headaches, and my bladder. Everyone seemed to be getting on my nerves and just about everything seemed to trigger me into fight or flight. I was stressed out and could not seem to find any sustainable relief.

When I went to see my neurologist, he told me if I didn’t change something in my life immediately, I would be in a wheelchair fulltime by the time I turned 60. He wanted to put me on heavy meds, but I knew in my heart and soul there had to be another way. I made the decision to look elsewhere for answers.

I made an appointment with a Functional Medicine doctor who asked me about my community. When I told him I was the most positive person in my community, he said, “This needs to change. In order to start healing, you need to surround yourself with positivity. Being in this energy will inspire you to start healing.”

This AHA moment catapulted me into action. I started looking around my surroundings and removing anything negative from my environment. I turned off the news. I turned off the radio. I took down sarcastic signs that had made me laugh the day before.

I became aware of people’s energy and paid attention to who made me feel uplifted and who made me feel depleted. This was life changing. I realized for the first time that by embracing positivity, I finally had some control over my life.

Since then, I have been on a mission to share PositiviDee with others. It really does have the power to boost your energy and help you rise above your circumstances.

If you would like more PositiviDee is your life, I invite you to:

  1. Check out the "Services" page of my website at

  2. Buy a copy of “Your Daily Dose of PositiviDee on Amazon at

Thank you choosing to be part of this positive community where everyone belongs.


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