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Set Your Truth Free

Set Your Truth Free

So many of us are hiding our truth because we were hurt in the past and we don't want to be hurt again.

Over time, we have managed to bury it under blame, shame, guilt, resentment, etc.

And as much as we want to shed all the facades and masks we have worn over the years, we are afraid that we won't be accepted for who we truly are.

I have been through this darkness and I have found the light and the liberation.

Things have definitely changed in my life, but for the most part they have changed for the better.

I started by sitting down with a pen and paper and writing a letter of forgiveness to myself. And as time went on, I continued this process.

I had no idea I was holding onto so many limiting beliefs, self-doubts, fears, and worries. But once I became awakened and aware, I was able to release them.

Now that I have found my way to authenticity and PositiviDee by traveling down the freedom trail of forgiveness, I want to be of service to others.

If you are feeling lost on your self-discovery journey and you need help setting your truth free, please connect with me at

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