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Be Authentically You

I had a major epiphany watching a hawk soar through the air and I am being called to share. I have been working with an amazing Life Coach Felicia Lonobile.

And at the very beginning of the process, I set an intention to cure myself of Multiple Sclerosis. I wasn't expecting a miracle to occur in 6 months but

I have been consciously committed to taking action to make this happen. Although my legs still have a mind of their own,

they are no longer holding me back from living my dream. My thoughts are the only things standing between me and my vision. Up until now, I have allowed my circumstances to define me. Up until now, I have allowed labels and limitations to keep me playing small. Up until now, I have tried to fit into doing things the way everyone else has always done them. But I realized today, for the very first time, that

I was never meant to "Fit In" and be like anyone else. I was meant to break free from my limiting beliefs and

create something totally new and different.

The world has changed and so have I. There is no going back to "Normal" and I am grateful for that. When you really look back on the past without judgement,

you can see that "Normal" was nothing to celebrate. We were living life in survival mode. We were were blaming other people and situations for our circumstances. But now is the time to stand on your own 2 feet and

own your life (the good, the bad, and the ugly.) You can do anything you set my mind to. It just takes consistency. Commit to showing up for yourself every day. And celebrate every little accomplishment. Stop fixating on what you don't have and be grateful for what you do have. I have realized that I don't need to walk when I can soar. My gift has never been my legs. My gift is my wisdom and self knowledge. My legs cannot hold me back from sharing my voice. We are all truly blessed! It's time to stop living life from our old limiting perceptions and

truly live life from a new perspective. Be Authentically YOU! Choose to Be the Inspiration You Were Born to Be.

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