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The Time Is NOW!

The Time is Now.

The time is now to awaken and become consciously aware.

Give yourself permission to embrace your worthiness.

Invite yourself to manifest health, wealth, love, and abundance.

You were born with unlimited potential.

Do not allow your circumstances to define you.

The time is now to take your power back.

Allow yourself to be open to receive your blessings.

And surrender your worries, fears, and self-doubts to the Universe.

I invite you to rise up and say, "YES" to you.

You have got this! You have always has this!

Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder.

And if you wish to amplify your alignment with your higher self,

Sign Up Now for my 6-week course

"Illuminating Your Spiritual Path."

Class will begin in mid-August.

The cost is $222.00.

And payment plans are available.

I am holding space for 20 participants, so

Sign Up Now for my 6-week course

"Illuminating Your Spiritual Path."

Don't miss out on amplifying your F.A.I.T.H.

(Fundamental Awareness Inspiring True Healing)

Call me at 413-364-5529

Or E-mail me at

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