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A Very Raw Personal Moment

I am being called to share this very raw personal moment with you.

Just because I am sharing PositiviDee and perspective, does not mean that every day is a good day. I am human and I get stuck sometimes. Tuesday, May 5, 2020 was one of these days. I was doubting myself. My old BS stories were running amok in my mind. And I was beating myself up for not being where I wanted to be yet personally and professionally.

Unlike the old version of me, I realized I did not have to stay stuck in this negativity. There was no need for blame, shame, guilt, or unworthiness. I just had to give myself permission to feel what I was feeling. Then, I needed to get a good night sleep and surrender my worries and crappy feelings to the Universe.

Although it was a challenging day, I managed to find gratitude in it. I stayed as positive as I could and I believed that I would feel better in the morning. And I did. When I woke up Wednesday morning, the BS stories had subsided and I had clarity. The rest of the week was absolutely amazing.

I know now that when I feel like I am trapped in quicksand, I am not stuck there. I can choose to step out of it.

We all have these moments and it's OK to feel this way from time to time. Just know that "This Too Shall Pass." Surrender your worries and negative thoughts to the Universe. Try to find some gratitude in your day. And believe that things will get better. Tomorrow is a brand new day and an opportunity to start over.

Give yourself permission to rest, relax, reboot and get out of your own way.

Trust that the Universe has your back.

I am here to support, guide, and encourage you.

Please reach out via e-mail at or Facebook Messenger if you would like to connect.

Sending You Loving Prayers, Positive Vibes, and Healing Energy.

With Gratitude & PositiviDee,

Dee DiFatta

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