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Change is Good

Change is Good!

So, why do we have so much resistance to change? As humans, we seem to focus on the negative changes in our lives. We remember when change almost broke us. But we can't seem to remember the lessons we have learned or the blessings we have received from change.

If you look back on your life as an observer, with no judgment and no criticism, I'm sure you can recall a time when you thought you weren't going to make it through a situation. But you did make it through. You persevered and you survived. And I am certain that you learned something from it that made you stronger and more resilient.

Although our thoughts and emotions can run amok with us during times of change, just know that it's not all bad. Look back and acknowledge and appreciate how far you have already come. We don't have control over what happens to us but we do have control over how we deal with it.

Let's embrace change and believe that a better version of ourselves is always on the other side. Change is Good!

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