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"The Power of Perspective" Speech

I just found this speech that I did for the ZONTA Club of Quabog Valley on "The Power of Perspective" and I was inspired to share it.

I am so excited to continue my journey as a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Educator. This is my purpose and my passion. I am a GPS (Guiding Perspective Shifts) to PositiviDee and personal freedom.

If this speech resonates with you, please share it with others. Everyone could use some awareness, perspective and PositiviDee right now.

I am here to support, guide and encourage you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or just want to talk, I am available to listen.

Please reach out via e-mail or Facebook Messenger and we will find a time to connect.

Sending You Loving Prayers, Positive Vibes, and Healing Energy.

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