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PositiviDee & Perspective on the Coronavirus

It's time for some PositiviDee and Perspective on the Coronavirus.

Without advanced notice, we have been knocked out of our comfort zones. And we have been forced to make adjustments and modifications to our lives. We are learning and growing by leaps and bounds and this transformation we are going through feels so wonky. Our old habits are no longer serving us. And we are now consciously aware of so many things we took for granted before.

I want to acknowledge and appreciate you for making the best of a bad situation. We do not have control over what happens to us but we do have control over how we deal with it. We have the strength and resolve within us to survive and even thrive during these arduous times.

Normally when we encounter challenging situations, we feel isolated and alone. But I can assure you that we are all in this one together. If I have learned one thing during the past few weeks, it's that we are all connected. That being said, let's continue to build each other up. Be kind and compassionate and if someone asks you, "Can you spare a square?" (Seinfeld episode reference), share your toilet paper. LOL

I am here to support, guide and encourage you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected or just want to talk, I am available to listen.

I have opened up my schedule and created space from now until the end of March.

Please reach out via e-mail or Facebook Messenger and we will find a time to connect.

Sending You Loving Prayers, Positive Vibes, and Healing Energy.

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