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Full of BS

We are Full of BS.

As human beings, we tend to fixate on the traditional version of BS. We have been conditioned by society to listen to negative news stories and then complain about what is going wrong in our lives and in the world

We have even created BS stories in our minds to keep the BS flowing. As children, we started internalizing things that were said and/or done to us. Then, we started to play the game of "telephone" in our minds. And before we knew it, we had created BS stories that were sometimes even worse than what originally happened to us. And truth be told - we are still re-creating these BS stories today.

But without awareness and adjusted perspective, it's challenging to stop the madness.

Now is the time to re-define BS and give yourself permission to release some of the old BS stories that are holding your mind, body and spirit captive. We live in a free country. And we get to script our own stories. Stop living in the past and trust and accept yourself in this moment.

BS doesn't have to be negative. BS also stands for Beautiful Spirit, Baby Steps, and Big Shifts.

We are Full of BS in a positive way.

Let's release the old BS that's not serving us any longer and embrace the new BS so we can keep moving forward and live life to the fullest.

If you are ready to Re-Claim your Power and Re-Claim Your Life,

Don't wait for the next video to be published.

Take the First Baby Step and Reach Out and Connect to Me.

I am here to support and encourage you.


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