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How to Take Your Power Back

We are not shackled or chained but sometimes we feel powerless.

Why is that?

It's because we have given our power away to people, situations and setbacks

that have hurt us in the past.

Let's stop the madness in our minds that keeps this power struggle going.

We have been playing the game of "Telephone" in our minds forever.

And now we are judging our worthiness based on the BS stories that we have been telling ourselves. Ahhhh!

The good news is:


that have been haunting us.

The 1st Step is Awareness.

And now that you are consciously aware,

you are halfway there.

If you are ready to Re-Claim your Power and Re-Claim Your Life,

Don't wait for the next video to be published.

Check out my You Tube channel to see more videos on Perspective & Action.

Search Dee DiFatta or A Dose of PositiviDee.

I am here to support and encourage you.

Feel Free to Reach Out and Connect to me via:


and we can set aside some time to talk on the phone.

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