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We Are Never Alone

Have you ever seen a cardinal or a butterfly and it brought back a happy memory of someone who may have died? Have you ever had a conversation with a random stranger and you felt somehow connected to them? Has a certain song played on the radio at the exact moment you needed to hear it? These are not coincidences. Someone is trying to tell you something.

The Universe is sharing signs with us. But sometimes it's challenging to have faith in something that we don't quite understand. I have been seeing certain numbers over and over and over again. When I finally looked up the significance of "736" it blew my mind.

Once we are aware that we are not alone in this world and we start to see the signs, we believe. Have faith that the Universe has our backs. It is encouraging us to believe in ourselves and keep moving forward, And it is telling us:

We Are Never Alone! We Are ALL Connected!

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"A Dose of PositiviDee" starring Dee DiFatta features episodes that will bring you smiles, laughter, inspiration and motivation. By being authentic and sharing the camera with her dog, she keeps things positive and helps re-define perspective. She may be challenged with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but she has a feisty spirit that has helped her re-define her character and she is helping others find love, light and laughter one video at a time.

Caution: An overdose of PositiviDee will cause excessive smiling, laughter and a positive attitude.

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