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How to Find Clarity

I was stuck in a rut yesterday. My brain was not functioning and I could not seem to organize my thoughts. I learned from Lenore Braun, Owner of Unstuck Her, that breaks in our day and cleaning help us find clarity.

Yesterday, I went on a cleaning spree and took a lot of little breaks in between. After I got ready for bed and put my head on the pillow, my brain woke up and told me to grab a pen and some paper. The ideas were flowing. I was finally "Unstuck."

Having this new found awareness has changed my life. Thank you Lenore Braun for creating and sharing Unstuck Her!

Before picture of my office - STUCK!

After picture of my office - UNSTUCK!

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"A Dose of PositiviDee" starring Dee DiFatta features episodes that will bring you smiles, laughter, inspiration and motivation. By being authentic and sharing the camera with her dog, she keeps things positive and helps re-define perspective. She may be challenged with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but she has a feisty spirit that has helped her re-define her character and she is helping others find love, light and laughter one video at a time.

Caution: An overdose of PositiviDee will cause excessive smiling, laughter and a positive attitude.

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