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Keeping Things in Perspective with Dee DiFatta

We need to keep things in perspective. I have been writing since 2014 and trying to come up with a book idea and it has finally come together.

My daughter Casey and I sat in the office for hours yesterday going through things I had written from 2014 to now. On each page we looked at, we found at least one quote that I could use for my pocket guide of inspirational quotes. So far, we are up to about 109 quotes and we are not even half way through.

I am so excited to share this with you. Although it has taken almost 5 years, I never stopped believing in myself and I never stopped writing. I knew if I kept taking baby steps and making forward momentum, I would be ready to publish a book some day.

This idea has evolved from "Blessed with MS" to "All is Well" to "Slapitude" (which stands for Simplicity, Laughter, Attitude and Perseverance,) to "A Dose of PositiviDee" to "Dee DiFatta." Life is a journey that sometimes leads you right back to yourself.

"A Dose of PositiviDee" starring Dee DiFatta features episodes that will bring you smiles, laughter, inspiration and motivation. By being authentic and sharing the camera with her dog, she keeps things positive and helps re-define perspective. She may be challenged with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) but she has a feisty spirit that has helped her re-define her character and she is helping others find love, light and laughter one video at a time.

Caution: An overdose of PositiviDee will cause excessive smiling, laughter and a positive attitude.

New episodes are posted every Sunday.

Search "Dee DiFatta" for more videos and blogs by Dee DiFatta. She can be found on any of the platforms below:

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