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Be in the Moment & Enjoy Life

Normally, Thanksgiving weekend is a time for us to cook for Thanksgiving, decorate the house for the holidays, get all of our Christmas cookies baked, and take our family picture to send out in December. This is the very first year that I scrapped the list and just enjoyed every moment of the weekend. Instead of stressing over everything I thought should be done, I enjoyed every moment my daughter was home from college. We spent some great quality time together and did things that made us happy.

When you stop worrying about pleasing other people and live in the moment, it's amazing how the stress subsides and the joy takes over.

I am working on some online courses to help you find the same inner peace and joy that I found this weekend. Please reach out to me at and let me know if you would be interested in participating in these courses. Thank you and enjoy the holidays.

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