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Fun in Kentucky!

I might be mobility challenged but I'm still movin'. Last weekend, my husband and I went to Kentucky to attend the Breeder's Cup which is the Superbowl of horse racing. From the people to the food to the horses, we had so much fun.

I am grateful to so many people for making that trip amazing. First and foremost, I never would have made that trip if it wasn't for my husband Mike. He made it all possible from pushing me in my wheelchair, to holding my arm and helping me walk when I could, to loving me every step of the way. In addition, we were truly blessed to meet Netty, Carol, Pat, Julie and Chad. They welcomed us into their horse racing family and we shared all kinds of stories. After spending just that one day with them, I truly believe we will be friends for life and I am positive we will see them at another horse race some day. Last but not least, thank you to Shari for welcoming us into her dog loving community and taking care of Jackson while we were away. It gave us peace of mind so we could enjoy our trip.

We met so many other people on our trip that were kind to us and made us feel welcome and special. I know we thanked them in person at the time but I always wish we could do more. Just know, we are grateful to have met you and keep sharing your love, light and laughter with others.

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