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Feed Fear & Self Doubt to the Dog

As human beings, we were all born with acceptance and trust and fear and self doubt in us. In my opinion, we should acknowledge our fear and self doubt, thank it for coming and continue blazing our paths. We have so much to offer this world and we need to accept and trust ourselves for who we are and keep moving forward.

For example, the idea about using Jackson and his toys for this video came to me this morning and I doubted myself and the idea. I made 3 videos this time before I was happy with the content. Even so, it is not exactly how I wanted to deliver this message but I knew I couldn't just stop and second guess myself into not publishing it. It is good enough for now and I am proud of myself for accepting and trusting myself and my message.

We have the power to choose who wins this internal battle. Let's acknowledge fear and self doubt and then accept and trust ourselves so we can shine bright and make a positive difference in this world.

P.S. - How about this picture of me? That took all of the acceptance and trust I had in me to publish. Ha,ha. Take care! We can do this!

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