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My Positive Inspirations

Thank you to my daughter Casey and her best friend Liz for inspiring me to find my character - A Work in Progress. They are both involved in theater and they always tell me that when they make mistakes on stage, they must stay in character and get through the scene. Just this past year, I have embraced my own character as "A Work in Progress." It helps me keep life in perspective and it gets me through the crazy/stupid times in my life. If you really think about it, we are all a Work in Progress.

I want to also thank Casey for being my biggest cheerleader and my editor on this journey. She has given me so many pointers and when I come up with a really good one, she says, "I'm so proud of you Mom." She is my angel here on this earth.

I want to also thank Liz for all of the beautiful artwork she has created for me. She has made my ideas come to life with The MS Funnies logo and A Dose of PositiviDee logo and I am truly grateful for her friendship, patience and creativity.

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