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So Proud - A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way

I wish I had a picture of Jackson and I walking down the street today. Since no one was around to capture the moment, you're just going to have to envision my German Shepherd, with a cone on his head because he was just fixed, and me with my Granddad's walker. Need I say more? Ha,ha. We must have been a site to see walking down the street in my neighborhood but we were so focused on working together as a team that it didn't matter. I was trying to hold onto his leash, push the walker and have him stay on my right side. It was fun and funny but by the time we got close to home, we had figured it out. I have great faith that Jackson will be a fantastic service dog to me some day. Hopefully we won't look as funny the next time with his cone and my Granddad's walker but it's all good. I'm just grateful that I'm still standing and he is healing from his surgery.

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