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Smiles, Laughter and Positivity are Contagious

Did you know that smiles, laughter and positivity are contagious? These days we are so overwhelmed by the negative things that we see, hear and read that we lose sight of the positive things. When we allow the news or someone else’s bad attitude to bring us down, the negative epidemic starts. What you may not be aware of is that we all have the power within us to change our perspectives and focus on the positive things in life; thus, creating a much more productive and enthusiastic environment for ourselves and everyone around us.

When anyone acknowledges me with a big smile on his/her face, I can’t help but smile back. More importantly, it inspires me to keep smiling and change someone else’s day in a positive way. Although not every day is a good day, I have become much more aware of the effect my attitude has on others and I am committed to spread good vibes instead of bad vibes. How do I do this? I keep things in perspective. For instance, when I get overwhelmed or things don’t go as planned, I just shake my head and say to myself, “This too shall pass.” As long as I’m still my feisty self, “All is Well” even if it seems like it isn’t. When I’m having a bad day, I try to live vicariously through someone else who’s having a good day so I can share his/her smile and enthusiasm. If I can’t find anyone to snap me out of my funk, I try to trick my brain by smiling at my challenging situation and whenever anyone asks me, “How are you?” I respond by saying, “Fantastic!” Even though this response may not be true, it may be enough to make someone else laugh or smile; thus, helping me to laugh and smile again. In addition, when I get sucked into a negative conversation and/or someone is sharing their adverse story with me, I make it a point to recognize that this is their story and not mine. I always try to find a positive in people’s doom and gloom stories so I can make them aware that life is do-able. We all have the power within us to change things; we just have to be aware of it and sometimes dig deep for it.

Laughing is even more contagious than smiling; it spreads like an epidemic. Have you ever received an e-mail or a video from someone that made you laugh and then you shared it with your friend group and they shared it with their friend group and before you knew it, the e-mail or video had gone “viral” and had been viewed over 1 million times? People love to laugh; it makes them feel good and allows them to forget about what ails them for a little while. Even better is when a group of people are together and everyone starts laughing. No matter their personal preferences or cultural differences, laughter seems to unite them for that particular moment in time.

Be grateful for all the little things in life; it will help you stay positive. Life is way too short to get caught up in negativity whether it be your own or someone else’s issue. We all have the power to change this world one smile and/or laugh at a time. We just have to be aware that what we say and do affects other people. If we can keep things in perspective, not take things personally, and share good vibes with others, we can have a profoundly positive impact on this world.

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