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Acceptance & Trust

Do you ever question yourself or decisions you have made to get to this point in your life? For most of us, we’re never happy with who we are at this moment in time. We always want to change something about our lives whether it be our health, our relationships, our jobs and/or our decisions. In order to feel whole and accomplished, we need to accept and trust that we are exactly where we need to be at this point in time. It doesn’t mean it’s the perfect place for us but by evaluating our current status and by gaining self-awareness, we can empower ourselves to make changes going forward.

As I was reviewing the other blog that I created today, I was frustrated that it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be but I trusted and accepted that this happened for a reason. I was meant to publish this blog. There is no benefit to beating yourself up for something you did wrong or something you desperately want to change but once you gain the self-awareness that you are where you need to be in this moment in time, you can make changes that will help you meet your goals.

These last few weeks have been very enlightening. I realized that I have to stop talking about my goals and start making them happen. First, I am done saying to myself, “You need to get stronger.” Two weeks ago I pledged to my daughter that I would exercise 4 times per week and she is holding me to it. Second, I am no longer ashamed of not being able to walk my dog. I play with him in my own way and he is adjusting to me and my mobility issues. Third, I have a new direction for The MS Funnies thanks to a conversation I had with a marketing guru whom someone at work recommended I talk to. She told me that she appreciates my positive energy and thinks I should share my thoughts via video on You Tube. She also recommended that I change the name from The MS Funnies to something else so I can reach a larger audience. At first I was skeptical of this since I have been on “The MS Funnies” path for almost a year now but then I looked back at the titles of all of my blogs and I was inspired to create something new. Isn’t it funny how sometimes it takes a stranger to help you gain self-awareness and change your direction in life?

I believe that everyone is challenged with something in their lives and they can choose to embrace it, befriend it and move on or they can choose to wallow in self-pity, say “Woe is me” and continue on the same path. Since 1993, I have been challenged with Multiple Sclerosis and I refuse to let this disease hold me back from living my dreams. I may have to make some modifications based on my mobility issues but I will continue to blaze my own path in life and hopefully inspire many other people along the way.

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