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Make an Attainable Goal for 2018

The New Year is a time to start fresh. Most of us tend to make a lot of New Year resolutions and some of us limit it to 1 resolution that is completely unattainable. How many of you have self-sabotaged yourself this way? I know I’ve done this more than once and when I drop the ball and don’t follow through with my resolutions, I feel horrible about myself. My list used to look like this:

  1. Work out every day

  2. Cut out carbs and sweets in my diet

  3. Journal every day

  4. Meditate every day

  5. Start recording myself every day so I can get better at motivational speaking

There is no way in heck anyone could ever keep up with this, especially me. I work a 40 hour a week job and I have Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t know about you, but I need balance in my life. If I did all of these things religiously, I think I’d be overwhelmed and exhausted and most likely bring on a new MS attack. It’s great to have ambitious aspirations, but make sure you can accomplish some of them. In the past year, I have learned to pick one thing and do it really well and then branch out from there. The 1 thing that I chose was this blog.

I am not making a New Year resolution for 2018; I am making an attainable goal. I am going to spread the word about so I can make more people laugh and smile. Perhaps my words will even inspire and motivate people. So many of us have physical ailments or suffer with stress, anxiety or depression but our spirits are just fine so let’s balance ourselves out by building them up. How do we do that? It’s simple really. Find things that make you laugh and/or smile and enjoy them every day. In addition, make someone else laugh and/or smile and you’ll be surprised how good it makes you both feel. Just by acknowledging a stranger, we can make a positive difference in this world and since smiling and laughter are contagious, we can pay it forward.

I may be challenged physically but I am still the feisty person I’ve always been and as long as I have that going for me, I’m fine. Enjoy 2018 and keep laughing and smiling. If you feel like someone else can be inspired and/or motivated by this blog, please forward it on to them. Thank you and have a Happy New Year!

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