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The BEST Crappy Day Ever

May 26, 2016 was the BEST crappy day ever. It all started at 12:45am when my old dog woke me up because he had to go outside. Then, the cat came in and meowed at me at 4:45 in the morning. I managed to lay in bed until 5:45am when my alarm went off and my crazy day officially began. I let the dog out and watched him poop in the neighbor’s yard which he had never done before. So, I got dressed, went outside and started my job on poop patrol. Next, I fed the cat and let her drink out of our bathroom faucet because she refused to drink her water out of a bowl. At 7:00, we all went into my daughter’s room to wake her up. I told her I was going to make scrambled eggs while she got dressed but didn’t realize what an ordeal that was going to be. As soon as I cracked one of the eggs and tried to open it with my thumb, raw egg came flying out of it like projectile vomit. It went all over the stove, the floor and my work shirt so I had to stop and clean it up. I hadn’t left the house yet and my day was already spiraling out of control.

When it was time to leave for work and school, my daughter asked me if we could stop at CVS on the way to get some sunscreen for Field Day. As much as I wanted to say, “No” because I was already running late and CVS was out of the way, I said, “Sure.” We ended up getting stuck in traffic and all I could think of was how bad I had to go to the bathroom and I was going to be really late to work.

I finally walked into the office around 9:10 to find that that the air conditioning was broken. It was already 78 degrees in the office and it was 90 degrees outside. With Multiple Sclerosis, once my body gets overheated, my legs don’t work properly and my vision gets blurry. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I was being physically challenged, my co-worker got a phone call that put her over the edge and she became emotionally challenged. I couldn’t believe my morning; I checked the full moon schedule online because this day was already off the charts. Ultimately, I knew I would be OK. I just had to survive this hot and crazy office until 12:45pm and then I could leave and go see my doctor who had ordered a new medication for me that could help with my MS symptoms.

You can imagine my dismay when I got to the doctor’s office and my medication wasn’t there. She said, “I know you feel like this has been a wasted trip but I feel like you’re here for a reason.” I broke down and said, “The last few weeks have been incredibly challenging. First, my husband has been working out of town Monday through Friday for the past 6 months. Second, my dog is 14 years old and we have started talking about putting him down since he seems uncomfortable and we don’t want him to suffer. Third, my daughter has just turned 17 years old and she is out of the house more than she is in it. I have been trying to do just about everything myself but it has been a little overwhelming.” She gave me a hug and started talking to me about yoga, meditation, affirmations and told me that a good cry might help my situation. Then I said to her, “I am having one crappy day. I am always saying, It’s All Good and All is Well. I’m one of the most positive people I know. I will get through this.”

On my way home, I started thinking about my day and I realized through this comedy of errors, I had found my passion. I was going to start “The MS Funnies” and share the power of positive thinking and laughter with others. There are people living in the world with nothing and my crappy day doesn’t seem so crappy when I keep things in perspective. All in all my doctor was right. I had been there for a reason. If I hadn’t gone through all of these things, this idea never would have come to me and my company may never have been born. I also realized we can all be a little happier in this world if we just keep things in perspective and keep smiling and laughing. I have decided that things happen to me for a reason. They are all part of the bigger picture and they give me more material for my blogs.

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