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Herded Like Cattle by a Puppy

Last night, we picked up our new German Shepherd puppy Jackson. His mom and dad were both bred to herd cattle and this morning he tried to herd me because I was walking too slow. When we went to visit my husband's parents this morning to show them the puppy, we were all walking up the front walk. My husband was first in line with Jackson at his heels and my daughter and I were way behind because I was holding onto her arm to keep from falling. As we approached the front door, Jackson turned around to see where we were. He came running toward us and ran a circle around us. Then, he looked up at both of us and ran back to my husband. It was really funny.

I know he's just a puppy but Jackson seems super smart. When we got home, I got down to his level, looked into his little eyes and said," I'll never be as fast as Mike (my husband). You need to realize that and slow down when we walk together." Even though he's just a puppy, he maintained eye contact with me throughout the conversation like he was actually listening and processing what I said. Either that or he was thinking, "Yeah. That's going to happen. Not." Only time will tell. This is the beginning of a whole new adventure and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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