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"Standing" Out In A Crowd In My Wheelchair

Since I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I have realized that I was never meant to fit in; I was meant to stand out. What I did not realize is just how much I would stand out at certain events. When my husband and I were invited to an outdoor wedding in July, I got a little nervous because I realized I would have to wear more than just a beautiful dress and sandals. I would have to get suited up in my cooling vest that looks like a bullet proof vest and my bright orange neck cooler too. In addition, I would need my husband to push me in the wheelchair because it is super hot in July and the heat takes the life out of my legs.

When we arrived at the wedding and my husband pushed me into the wedding tent, a lot of heads turned to see what the heck was coming their way. I knew that some people probably felt uncomfortable and didn't know what to say when they saw me in a wheelchair decked out in all of my cooling accessories so I said, "My sense of style and fashion is impeccable, right"? This broke the ice and made people laugh. It put them at ease and they were able to look past my outfit and my wheelchair. As the night went on, we all had a great time and had a lot of laughs about my ensemble.

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