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Indomitable Spirit

My mind and body might be compromised by Multiple Sclerosis but this disease can’t touch my indomitable spirit. If you look up the work “Indomitable” on "," it says, “Something indomitable can’t be beat. People described as having indomitable spirits don’t need pep talks or protein shakes; their strength comes from within.” That’s how I feel about myself with this disease. Ultimately, I may have MS but it doesn’t have me.

Life is too short for me to waste it by complaining about the MS symptoms that ail me. After living with this disease for 23 years, I have found that it’s much easier to laugh at myself and my challenging situations than cry and wish things were different. Everyone has their cross to bear whether it be their own or someone else’s and mine happens to be MS. I feel as though my attitude is stronger than this disease that affects my legs, my hands and my cognitive thinking. When I’m struggling to walk to the elevator at work and someone asks me, “Are you OK?” I normally respond by saying, “It’s all good. My legs just went on vacation without me” and then I laugh. My hands tend to shake quite a bit too and my fingertips are almost numb so you can just imagine the silly things that happen to me. At times, I will be holding something in my hand and out of nowhere, it goes flying. Trying to shave my legs makes me laugh too because I’m as bad at shaving in a straight line as I am at walking in a straight line. MS makes my life interesting. Although I'm not the best at playing Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit because of my drawing capabilities and my mental recall, I still consider myself to be a strong and intelligent person. I know my strengths and weaknesses and if you need someone to make you laugh, someone to banter with or someone who will turn your negative situation into a positive one, I am your girl. What I lack in physical strength, I more than make up for with passion, positivity and persistence.

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