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Reboot and Enjoy the Mini Vacation

I try to attend a Yin" yoga class once a week and every time I go, I am amazed at how great I feel during the class and afterwards. By simply focusing on my breath and my body for an hour and trying to calm my mind, it gives me a mini vacation from myself. My neurologist calls this rebooting. Just like a computer, he says that I need to reboot my own system every once in a while by quieting my mind and relaxing my body and this is exactly what "Yin" yoga does for me. At the beginning of every class, we are asked to set our intentions for the hour we're there and my intention is always to "Leave it all on the mat" which basically means that I am shutting out the crazy world and my crazy thoughts and I am just focusing on that moment. I don't think about my limitations or the modifications I'm making and I don't pay attention to anyone else during class; I am very content just being there and doing the very best that I can so I can reap the rewards of the postures and the tranquility. By the time the class is over, it looks like I've been been relaxing by the pool all day because the stress is gone and my body and mind feel refreshed.

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