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I Survived the Grad Party at My House

I did it and I'm still able to walk and talk today! Well, I'm still able to talk but it all depends on your definition of "Walk." I'm hobbling more than I'm actually walking but the point is that I am still upright and not down for the count which is a HUGE accomplishment for me. At my daughter's graduation party yesterday, we had 70 people at our house. I stood for the first hour and half of the party which is normally very challenging for me considering MS has affected my legs. As the party continued, I sat a little bit here and there but for the most part, I was on the move . I'm kind of impressed with myself since the entire week before the party, I worked like a dog on the house making sure that everything was in it's place and looked perfect. When friends and family came up to me and asked how I was feeling yesterday, I said, "All is well." They looked at me like I wasn't telling them the whole story so I said, "OK. I'm tired and my legs aren't working the way they usually do because I burned myself out this week but in the scheme of things, I'm good." I told them not to worry about me. On a good day, I can actually walk (not hobble) a 1/4 mile around the block. They seemed to accept that explanation and move on. I'm truly blessed that the weather was perfect and my legs kept up with my mind better than usual. Like any parent, I wanted my daughter to have the best graduation party and she did. While she was celebrating her High School graduation with her friends and family, I was celebrating my own personal accomplishment in my head. I was able to stay outside and enjoy the party; I didn't have to hide inside on my sofa or get wheeled around in my wheelchair. Even though I hobbled around, I stayed vertical and was able to talk to everyone at the party. It was a great day and a great success. Yeah me and congratulations Casey!

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