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So Close & Yet So Far

It was a beautiful day outside. It was about 65 degrees, sunny and there was a light breeze. Since I have been diagnosed with MS, I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have sat in a chair in the sun just to feel normal again. I used to be a sun worshiper way back when and sometimes I truly miss feeling the sun on my face. On this perfect Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I set up 2 folding chairs on the driveway and faced the sun with our heads leaned back. It got a little uncomfortable so I asked her to bring out a blanket and we would lay on that. Even though we weren’t outside very long, we were out there long enough for me to fry my nervous system. I felt great in the sun until I tried to get up and go inside. Even though the entrance to the garage was only 3 feet from where we were sitting, I could not move. The messages from my brain telling my legs to stand up and go inside went as far as my arms but never made it down to my feet. What now? My daughter tried to help me stand but that wasn’t going to happen. I needed to cool off. If I could just make it the 3 feet into the garage, I could lay there on the cool concrete floor and recover. I don’t remember how I mustered enough strength to drag my lifeless body into the garage but I finally made it. As I was cooling off, all I could think of was please don’t let my husband come home and see me like this. It was not one of my shining moments but thank goodness I fully recovered after my body temperature returned to normal.

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