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My Neurologist Asked, "Can You Unbutton My Shirt With One Hand"?

My neurologist is so knowledgeable and caring but sometimes I think he’s just trying to be funny when he asks me some of the same questions every time I see him. I have always responded, “No” to each of the questions below.

  1. Can you do a jumping jack?

  2. Can you walk a straight line heel to toe?

  3. Can you hop on 1 foot?

Well, this time, he added a new question that took me off guard, “Can you unbutton my shirt using 1 hand?” It was a valid question because he had the intuition that I couldn’t do it and he was correct but it still took me by surprise. Both of my hands have a slight tremor to them and after over 20 years with MS, there is not a lot of feeling left in my fingertips. I did try to unbutton his shirt, first with my right hand and then with my left but it was a failed mission. In my world, I choose to leave shirts buttoned and just pull them on and off over my head.

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