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Throughout our time here on this earth, we have been conditioned to see life through the illusion of limiting beliefs and perceptions which has created a lot of confusion. Our awareness has been learned from our parents, teachers, friends, social media, and society. And we have stopped asking questions and started living on autopilot. 

During these 6 weeks together, you will entertain new life changing perspectives. You will focus on living life by design instead of by default. And this new conscious awareness will allow you more clarity. It will open a gateway to new opportunities and possibilities.


Week 1: Conscious Awareness


Conscious awareness is half the battle. Once you can see things from a different perspective, you awaken your senses to new AHA moments. We are going to become very aware of old baggage that is cluttering our minds and holding us captive. And then, we are going to give ourselves permission to release it. By letting limiting beliefs, self-doubts and insecurities go, we are going to allow new opportunities and possibilities to flow.


Week 2: Breath, Connection, & Wellbeing


Our breath is so important. Up until now, most of us have been living life from a state of exhale. We have been walking around depleted and out of breath. As we stop taking our breath for granted, we will start to appreciate it as the gift of life, love, and light that it is intended to be. We are going to spend some time learning how to utilize our breath correctly, so it serves our true self and our life’s purpose.


Week 3: Mindful Thinking


What we think, we create. On any given day, we are surrounded by negativity on social media and in conversations with our friends, family, and even strangers. And by fixating on what is going wrong in this world, we lose focus on all the things that are going right. We are going to pay conscious attention to our thoughts. And we are going to learn how to let the negative ones go and encourage the positive ones to flow.


Week 4: Words / Affirmations


When we speak our thoughts, we are affirming what we believe. And what we believe we become. So, you can see how words can make a huge difference in our lives. And once we stop taking them for granted and truly think before we speak, we can transform our world from the inside out.


Week 5: Forgiveness


Forgiveness allows us a gateway to the calmness we seek. By forgiving ourselves for not having the knowledge and wisdom we needed in the past to make the right decisions, we set ourselves free to just be. Life does not come with an instruction manual. So, we all do the very best that we can with what we have learned from others. Which is why we also need to forgive others. Now is the time to rise above the blame, shame, guilt and resentment. We are going to forgive the past so we can create our future.


Week 2: Gratitude


An attitude of gratitude can also catapult us out of the chaos and into the calm. But first, we must choose to stop fixating so much time and attention on what brings us disappointment and frustration. And choose to focus on what brings us joy. It’s time to spend some time reassessing our life. We are going to find gratitude in the good, the bad, and the ugly from our past. Everything in life is a lesson and/or a blessing and by being aware of this, we can start to find gratitude in everything..

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