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90-Minute Healing Session

Are you looking for a quick way to

stop dissing yourself and

jumpstart your healing journey? 

If so, I invite you to consider a 

90-minute PositiviDEEP Dive session with me

to explore new perspectives and possibilities.


You will learn tips on how to:


  1. Take your power back.

  2. Keep things in perspective.

  3. Love yourself unconditionally.


You can jumpstart your healing journey to fun, freedom, and fulfillment for only $99.00. 


Give yourself permission to sign up NOW for this

life-changing 90-minute session so you can

shift your attention from hurting to healing.

There is no need to suffer anymore.


6-Week MS Healing Adventure


How would you like to overcome the BS of MS

and live a happier, healthier life?

This disease comes with a lot of mental baggage that can weigh you down and create unnecessary suffering.

Imagine what becomes possible when you feel safe and supported by others on a similar healing journey.

You get to:

  • Share your story.

  • Call BS on old fears and limiting beliefs.

  • Observe your circumstances from a more positive perspective. 

  • Start creating new possibilities.

Give yourself permission to join this fun, uplifting, judgment-free group so you can release BS and experience confidence, connection, and commUNITY.


This 6-week MS healing adventure starts in April and only costs $249.00. You can register and pay below.

MS Empowerment Coaching

Are you tired of fighting dis-ease?


Being told "You have MS" is traumatic, but

beating yourself up for not being enough

is downright abusive.


Instead of pushing through the pain and

pretending you are "fine," learn how to

sit with your grief so you can find some relief.

  Emotions are energy in motion and when you don't express them, they get trapped in your body and create dis-comfort.


If you are feeling dis-missed, chances are you are holding onto some pretty heavy baggage.

When you are ready to tap into the wisdom

in your wounds, I am here to help you

see beyond the traditional BS and 

set your Beautiful Spirit free.

You were not meant to "fit-in" and be ordinary.

You were born to stand out and be EXTRAordinary.

I invite you to get curious and click on the link below so you can schedule a Connection Session with me and open a gateway to infinite healing possibilities.


Inspirational Speaking


Dee DiFatta captivates and inspires audiences with

her vulnerable storytelling capabilities.

She shares her trials and tribulations

with perspective and PositiviDee

in a way that gives her audience permission

to find the hidden treasures in their own problems.


After 51 years of life, 29 years living with Multiple Sclerosis, and 17 years working full-time in the insurance industry, she has broken through the traditional BS and

allowed herself the opportunity to Boldly Soar.

As a beacon of light, she illuminates a path for others to

access peace and infinite possibilities.  


Dee's positive, non-judgmental approach encourages individuals and businesses to look beyond problems and play with new perspectives so they can let go of the status quo and grow.

If you would like to book Dee to speak at your next event, please click on the link and complete the contact form. 

If you would like to learn more about Dee as a speaker, feel free to download her speaker sheet.

Your Daily Dose of PositiviDee

Are you looking for some positive vibes

to help you thrive each day?


"​Your Daily Dose of PositiviDee" is a book of inspirational quotes to help heal your spirit and feed your soul.


It is a guide to self-awareness and spiritual awakening and encourages you to live your best life, despite

labels and limitations.

One of the quotes is:  

"​You may not get to choose the challenges you are faced with in life, but you have absolute control over how you choose to deal with them."

This best-selling book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

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