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About Dee

"If something in your life does not change, you will be in a wheelchair full-time by the time you turn 60."

That is what my neurologist told me three years ago as I sat in his office for my annual appointment to assess the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. Just by listening to my story and watching me try to walk, he knew that something needed to change, and fast.


This was when I made a conscious decision to step off the hamster wheel of life. 


At my job, I felt overworked and unappreciated. I was focused on who I should be, what I should be doing, and how I should be acting. Every day I woke up to the same limiting beliefs, self-doubts, fears, and worries. 


I was ready to try something new, something other than the same medications I had been taking for years. I went to see a Functional Medicine Doctor who taught me about the power of a positive community. This was my AHA moment that awakened me to a new path of spiritual healing and well being.


I started virtually surrounding myself with coaches, healers, and spiritual leaders. They inspired me to let go of who I thought I should be and imagine who I could be. They encouraged me to journal and share my story. Finding my way through the darkness and into the light and all the vulnerable moments that came along with it became a guide for others on their self discovery journeys. 


Since redefining my circumstances and reclaiming my power, I teach women how to take baby steps to explore so they can start down this positive path to healing and wellbeing.   As an Empowerment Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author, and Owner of A Dose of PositiviDee, I lovingly guide women through a transformational journey so they can see beyond their obstacles and experience new opportunities. By feeling safe and supported, women are able to let go of their past traumas and live fun, free, and fulfilling lives.


Once I allowed myself to entertain new perspectives, my world shifted. After having MS for over 20 years, I was ready to change. And I'm here to help you take that first step of acknowledging and accepting that you might need a change, and I'm ready to guide you through your journey.

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