About Dee


In that moment, I had an epiphany. I realized that I was never meant to “Fit In.” I was born to stand out and be EXTRAordinary. It was time to stop allowing my circumstances to define me and become the inspiration I was born to be.  

Since then, I have been sharing my story and my message with others.  I have chosen to re-define MS as Modified Swagger and Motivational Spitfire, and I have set myself free to be authentically me. We may not have control over what happens to us in life, but we have absolute control over how we deal with it.

I am a Perspective and PositiviDee Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, and Author. By encouraging others to share their stories, I have inspired and motivated them to step out of their limiting beliefs of the past and create a new path forward to boundless potential. 

I look forward to welcoming you into the PositiviDee CommUNITY where we all belong, flaws and all. 

Before I started on my journey of Self-Discovery, Spiritual Enlightenment, and Healing to becoming a Perspective & PositiviDee Coach, I was lost in my limiting beliefs of being unworthy and undeserving. Throughout most of my school years, I was an overachieving stressed-out perfectionist; I remember always trying to “Fit-in.” But by looking for love, acceptance, and validation from others, I stopped loving myself.

After college, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was forced to slow down and stop taking life for granted. However, I did not truly appreciate the lesson and blessing of this wake-up call until years later.

On a very hot summer day in July, I was all dressed up for an outdoor wedding in a beautiful gown and sandals. My hair, nails, and makeup were done, and I felt fantastic. But I knew I would not be able to survive this event without wearing a cooling vest and a bright orange neck cooler and bringing my wheelchair to get around.