About Me

Within the past few years, I have received signs from the Universe that I am meant to stand out and be Extra Ordinary. I am meant to share my awareness and perspective. And I am meant to be a role model and a leader.


I may have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 26 years ago, but I know now this disease was not meant to limit or define me. It was meant as a wake-up call. I have re-defined MS as Modified Swagger and Motivational Spitfire and by doing so, I have taken my power back.


I am grateful I have found my way out of the proverbial darkness and into the light. And now I choose to shine bright and illuminate a path for others.


As a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Educator, I am here to guide, support and encourage you. I am a GPS (Guiding Perspective Shifts) to personal freedom and empowerment.

Since I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 at the age of 22, I have learned so much about myself and about what is truly important in life.  I have realized that I wasn’t meant to fit in; I was meant to stand out and having MS has made that really easy for me.  Being pushed in a wheelchair from time to time and walking like a sloth has definitely separated me from the crowd.  I stand out even more during the summer months when I have to wear my cooling vest that looks like a bullet proof vest and my bright orange neck cooler.  

Laughter has always been my coping mechanism and by laughing at myself and my challenging situations and sharing my funny stories and blooper moments with other people,  I feel that I can make a positive impact on this world.   If you need to laugh and you can't find the humor in your own challenging situations, feel free to laugh at me and my funny stories.  I am determined to bring some comic relief to Multiple Sclerosis and to every day life.  


Although I am challenged with MS, I keep a smile on my face every day because I am grateful to be alive.  I have learned to celebrate and truly appreciate the little things in life and having this disease helps me keep things in perspective and realize how lucky I am. 

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