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About Dee

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When my health came crashing down and I was at my lowest point,

I yelled out to God and said, “WTF do you want from me?”


Even though He didn’t answer right away, this moment of surrender opened a gateway to

something bigger than I ever could have imagined.


This was a catalyst to healing and awakening.

No more pain and suffering looking for acceptance and approval outside of myself.

It was time to go within and redefine my circumstances.

I realized that being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis was never meant to be my destiny.

It was meant to slow me down physically so I could grow spiritually.

Being brought to my knees, reminded me to be still and pray.

 These past five years, I have learned how to look beyond physical appearances and

love and appreciate me, flaws and all.

I am grateful in MS for the allowing me the opportunity to reconnect to God

and my divinely guided purpose.

I was never meant to fit-in and be ordinary.

I was born to stand out and be EXTRAordinary and so were you.

If you are ready to try something new and live a fun, free, and fulfilling life,

give yourself permission to get curious and explore some adjusted perspectives and PositiviDee.

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