About Dee

How did “A Dose of PositiviDee” come to be?

It might surprise you to learn that I struggled with love, light, peace, and positivity growing up. At the age of 3 ½, I took on the roles of Big Sister and Mommy’s Little Helper and became very conscious of chores and responsibilities. As I grew older, I assumed new identities as peacekeeper and people-pleaser and was taught to serve others. But I never learned how to take care of myself.

Does this sound familiar?

I loved my family and they loved me, but I somehow got lost in belittling stories of being unworthy and undeserving. I was always there to support and encourage others, but I never showed up for me. Instead of being my own best friend, I was my own worst enemy. I did not have time to focus on my accomplishments because I was way too busy fixating on my failures.

I was an overachieving, stressed-out perfectionist who was full of blame, shame, guilt, and resentment. I stayed super busy, so I did not have to face my fears and feelings. And then, the Universe gave me a wake-up call. The day before my 22nd birthday, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.



Unlike the fairy tales and movies we grew up watching, positive change does not happen in a “Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boo” moment. It takes time, patience, conscious awareness, and consistent action to make things happen.

I am proud to say that over these past 10 years, I have been healing from the inside out. I have owned the good, the bad, and the ugly of my past. I have allowed myself to feel my feelings. And I have forgiven myself for all the belittling stories that held my body, mind, and spirit captive.

I may have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 27 years ago, but it does not define me. On the contrary, I have redefined MS as Motivational Spitfire and Modified Swagger. I am proud to be authentically me. I now truly love and accept myself, flaws and all, thanks to the support of my Life Coaches and positive community.

What is my gift and how can I help you?

My gift to you is the opportunity to work with me. I have been blessed with the unique gifts of Perspective & PositiviDee to set you free from your negative self-talk and belittling stories. My intention is to help you release what is no longer serving you so you can embrace your authenticity and unlimited abundance.

If you are ready to put the past behind, find peace in the present moment, and start blazing your path forward, let’s connect. Isn’t it time to stop being defined by your circumstances and take your power back?

If this resonates, do not delay. Reach out today so we can discuss how I can best serve you.